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Mid-summer roundup:

posted Jul 14, 2015, 1:20 PM by Dai Shizuka
Here's what's been happening at the Shizuka Lab:
- The field team led by grad student Emily and joined by UNL undergrad assistants Elizabeth Zurfluh + Dylan Horrocks, plus Theadora Block (Master student @ UCSC) has been conducting field work on golden-crowned sparrows at Hatcher Pass, AK since the beginning of June. They concluded their field season yesterday and arrive home today!

- Dai and Matt helped out with field work at the beginning of June and then attended the Animal Behavior Society meeting in Anchorage, AK June 10-14th. Dai gave a contributed talk on network approaches to studying dominance hierarchies. Matt gave an Allee Award talk on phenotype networks. A fun and productive meeting!

Elizabeth and Dylan on the move looking for sparrow nests
Elizabeth and Dylan on the move, looking for sparrow nests. Photo by M. Wilkins