NAOC 2016 Pre-Conference Workshop: Introduction to Network Analysis in R

Networks in Ecology and Evolution (Last taught Spring 2013)

Brief Course Description:

This course covers the fundamentals of network theory as it applies to ecology and evolution. The first few lectures cover the conceptual foundation for analyzing relational data, and the rest of the course revolves around discussions of the primary literature, organized by topics. The focus will be on ecological and social networks in non-human animals, but we will make forays into other types of networks. Because the study of networks is inherently interdisciplinary, we will not limit our discussions to ecology and evolution. The laboratory portion of the course consists of coding exercises in R, using the package igraph.

Sample Lab Exercises:

Lab 1: Intro to R

Lab 2: Intro to igraph

Lab 3: Plotting networks

Lab 4: Describing the network

Lab 5: Random graphs

Lab 6: Hypothesis testing

Lab 7: Intro to community detection