Dai Shizuka -- PI

Dai is interested in understanding ecology and evolution through the lens of the social lives of animals. See the research page for details!


Allison Johnson -- Postdoc

Allison (AJ) is working on modeling long-term dynamics of groups and social networks in birds.

Grad Students

Emily Hudson -- Ph.D. Student

Emily is working on species recognition in Zonotrichia sparrows.

Maria Goller -- Ph.D. Student

Maria started in the lab in Fall of 2015. She is working on the ecology and evolution of vocal mimcry in birds, particularly in starlings.

Laura Vander Meiden -- Ph.D. Student

Laura started in the Shizuka Lab in the Fall of 2016. She is interested in understanding heterospecific sociality and communication in mixed-species flocks.
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Undergraduates/Lab Techs

Paden Derr (UCARE Fellow; GCSP field work; Song analysis)

Carter Svec (Song analysis team)

Andrew Han (Coot coloration)

Mia Azizah (GCSP field work, 2017; Song analysis team)

Jackson Fischer (Song analysis team)

Sabina Medrano (Song analysis team)

Elie-Benjamin Elkhawaji (Song analysis team)

Ben Wanzo (Song analysis team)

Min Sze Ewe (DNA analysis)

Lab Alumni

Matt Wilkins -- Postdoc (2014-2017)

Currently a postdoc scholar at Center for Science Outreach at Vanderbilt. Visit Matt's online science communication portal--Numbat Media--here!

Lab Techs:

Arich Knaub -- Undergraduate Student

Arich has been working in our lab since Fall 2015. He is received a UCARE fellowship to work on complex courtship displays in wolf spiders in 2016. He recently received a second UCARE fellowship in 2017 to analyze geographic patterns of song performance in Golden-crowned Sparrows. 

Matt Hahn -- Undergraduate Student

Matt received a UCARE (undergraduate research fellowship) to use molecular techniques to identify sex of nestling sparrows that we work on. 

Sarah Spier -- Lab Tech

Sarah received her bachelor's degree from the School of Natural Resources at UNL in 2015. After a stint in our lab as a lab tech, she has gone on to become a Master's student in Joe Dauer's lab at SNR.

Sarah Karjala (Song analysis)

Jack Andreasen (GCSP, 2012)

Dylan Carter (GCSP, 2012)

Sarah Cowles (GCSP, 2013)

Cody McGregor (GCSP, 2014)

Katlin Potter (GCSP, 2014)

Elizabeth Zurfluh (GCSP, 2015)

Dylan Horrocks (GCSP, 2015)

Theadora Block (GCSP, 2015)

Jessica Waldinger (GCSP, 2016)