Dai Shizuka -- PI

Dai is interested in understanding ecology and evolution through the lens of the social lives of animals. See the research page for details!


Matt Wilkins -- Postdoc

Matt is a Program of Excellence Postdoc Fellow, and he is co-sponsored with Eileen Hebets. He is currently working on complex communication systems in wolf spiders. Learn more about Matt here.

Visit Matt's online science communication portal--Numbat Media--here!

Grad Students

Emily Hudson -- Ph.D. Student

Emily is working on species recognition in Zonotrichia sparrows.

Maria Goller -- Ph.D. Student

Maria started in the lab in Fall of 2015. She is working on the ecology and evolution of vocal mimcry in birds, particularly in starlings.

Laura Vander Meiden -- Ph.D. Student

Laura started in the Shizuka Lab in the Fall of 2016. She is interested in understanding heterospecific sociality and communication in mixed-species flocks.
Follow Laura's blog here:

Undergraduates/Lab Techs

Arich Knaub -- Undergraduate Student

Arich has been working in our lab since Fall 2015. He is received a UCARE fellowship to work on complex courtship displays in wolf spiders in 2016. He recently received a second UCARE fellowship in 2017 to analyze geographic patterns of song performance in Golden-crowned Sparrows. 

Matt Hahn -- Undergraduate Student

Matt received a UCARE (undergraduate research fellowship) to use molecular techniques to identify sex of nestling sparrows that we work on. 

Sarah Spier -- Lab Tech

Sarah received her bachelor's degree from the School of Natural Resources at UNL in 2015. After a stint in our lab as a lab tech, she has gone on to become a Master's student in Joe Dauer's lab at SNR.